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Item Description Price Each
Polyform Ball (A-2) Dia. 15.5" Bouyancy Gross Floatation Cap.=74.8# $ 20
Polyform Ball (A-3) Dia. 17" x Lgth. 23" Circum.=53.4" Floatation Cap.=132.5# $ 25
Polyform Ball (A-4)
Scanmarin (A-4)
Norfloat (A-4)
Dia. 20.5" x Lgth. 27" Circum.=64.4" Floatation Cap.=248# $35
Polyform Ball (A-5) Dia. 27" x Lgth. 36" Circum.=54.8" Floatation Cap.=479.6# $ 50
Polyform Ball (A-6) Dia. 34" x Lgth. 44" Circum.=106.8" Floatation Cap.=583# $ 100